Lavender Balsamic Vinegar

The Lavender Balsamic is a nectar to the senses. A lovely balance of floral aromatics and tangles of sweet, vinegary zing. At first blush it's as if you are drinking in a summer day, lavender perfumed air under an unimpeded blue sky dotted with wildflowers: not too precious, but exquisitely fresh. But then you sense something darker just beneath its surface - that rich ripe fruitiness rearing up from time to time like an unexpected secret revealed in layers only at harvest time. lightly herbal, floral and sweet – these characteristics make it an excellent pairing with chicken or roasted vegetables like carrots and butternut squash. In addition, we recommend using it to sprinkle over fresh fruits such as pears and strawberries! The herbaceous notes in the vinegar also make it a perfect component for vinaigrettes for salads made from greens like spinach and kale.