Pappardelle's Pasta

Since the 80's Pappardelle's Pasta Co. has been creating the nation's most exquisite flavored pasta and serving it to the finest hotels, resorts, and "white tablecloth" restaurants. As they expanded to small farmer's market and specialty retail they are selective about who can carry their products. A hit with all of our customers for the unique flavors and artisan craftsmanship, we have now made some of our favorites available online!

Artichoke Lemon Tagliatelle, Asian Ginger Root Trenette, Basil Garlic Fettuccini, Basil Garlic Sea Shells, Black Garlic & Pepper Fettuccini, Calabrian Chile & Honey Pappardelle, Citrus Thyme Sea Shells, Foraged Mushroom & Herb Blend, Garlic Chive Pappardelle, Garlic Chive Sea Shells, Garlic Toasted Onion Fettuccini, Gluten Free Basil Garlic Penne, Gluten Free Tomato Basil Mafaldine, Kalamatas Olive Taperade Linguine, Lavender Fettuccini, Lemon Basil Fettuccini, Lemon Chive Angel Hair, Lemon Garlic Linguine, Lemon Pepper Linguine, Lime Cilantro Linguine, Myer Lemon Trenette, Orange Szechuan Linguine, Porcini Mushroom Linguine, Porcini Mushroom Sea Shells, Roasted Garlic Fettuccini, Roasted Garlic Herb Fettuccini, Rosemary Garlic Linguine, Spicy Garlic Tagliatelle, Spicy Thai Linguine, Spinach Lemon Herb Fettuccini, Sun Dried Tomato Fettuccini, Tequila Lime Serrano Penne, Tomato Basil Penne, Tuscan Herb Penne