Hatteras Saltworks Sea Salt 2oz. 7 Options

Sea Salt-
Hand Harvested, Solar Evaporated, Unrefined, 100% Pure Sea Salt. 
We harvest our source water from the breaking waves off of Hatteras Island to bring to you the distinct flavor of ocean salt only found here due to our location. 

Lavender Sea Salt-
Lavender is light and fragrant adding provincial flavor to poultry, fish, lamb, steaks, tomatoes, all things lemon, caramel, butterscotch, watermelon. Try it on the rim of your favorite cocktail. 

Rosemary Sea Salt-
Dried rosemary is carefully hand blended with Hatteras Saltworks Pure Ocean Salt. This earthy blend pairs great with chicken, fish, pork, lamb, potatoes, bread, pasta, veggies, or added to olive oil for dipping.

Smoked Pecan Sea Salt-
Hatteras Saltworks Pure Ocean Salt is cold smoked for 8 hours with locally sourced pecan wood. This smoked sea salt pairs well with ribs, fish, shellfish, sweet potatoes, steaks, cocktails, and chocolate. 

Black Pepper Sea Salt-
Organic Black Pepper is hand blended with Pure Hatteras Sea Salt. This sea salt has a slight bite and pairs well with steak, eggs, chicken, salads, baked potatoes and fish.