Denissimo Balsamic Vinegar (Super Thick)

This vinegar, from Modena Italy, is made of white Trebbiano grape Must which is fermented and cooked to reduce the water content. Aged slightly longer than our 18 Year Traditional barrel-aged balsamic, it's vintaged in five different hardwood casks including mulberry, ash, juniper, and cherry for a big flavor with rich silky tannins and softer acidity. Ambrosial and uber-thick, this superbly decadent balsamic is extraordinarily complex. Flavors of cherry wood, dried figs, and raisins mingle with hints of dark chocolate and malt. Enjoy it as a finishing touch to your cheese plate or indulge in its luscious sauce by drizzling it over fresh fruits; use it to glaze meats or vegetables for flavors that will have everyone oohing and ahhing!