Key Lime White Balsamic

When people first hear the word "balsamic", they often think of an over-sweetened, syrupy creation. Not this Key Lime White Balsamic. It's light and refreshing, great for adding a little extra pizzazz to all your favorite dishes. This is one balsamic you'll want to use in all kinds of recipes - mixed with vinegars or oils as well as liquids like sparkling water and juices! Whether it's by itself or in cocktails, white balsamic is usually best served chilled so make sure you're ready when company pops by! Pairs well with lime olive oil, lemon olive oil, blood orange olive oil, Garlic Olive Oil, Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil, Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil, Toasted almond oil, Toasted Sesame oil,  Baklouti Olive Oil, and any of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils.