Meat Rubs -3 options

Hand blended from ancho chili powder, brown sugar, paprika, ground Sumatra (fresh dark roasted coffee), sea salt, black pepper, yellow mustard, coriander, ginger, de arbol chili powder and Mexican oregano.

Honey Chipotle-
Our most popular Honey Chipotle Rub is blended from granulated honey, sea salt, onion, paprika, chipotle powder and Italian seasoning. This blend has the ideal balance of sweet and heat. We absolutely love the sweet taste provided by the honey combined with the smoky flavor of the ground chipotle powder. The granulated honey really helps to form an ideal crust that all good grilled or smoked chicken, fish and ribs should have. The crust helps seal in the moisture and makes for a juicier meat.

North Carolina BBQ-
Each of the various BBQ regions in the US have their own “claim to fame” and each has a distinctive flavor style. North Carolina BBQ is a careful blending of vinegar and spices for a tart and tangy flavor. We love this authentic North Carolina BBQ rub and it makes a great rub for pork shoulders or any other part of the hog you enjoy most. It has a very slight touch of subtle heat that you get from the cayenne but the fruity and earthy undertones of the Ancho chile is more pronounced. Hand blended from brown sugar, chili powder mild, Hungarian paprika, black pepper, coarse sea salt, cumin, cloves and cayenne.